Flower & Produce Auctions

Growers Produce Auction is the site of approximately 48 flower & produce auction every year, and the general public is very welcome at our Wholesale Auction!

Starting mid April and running through mid October, rain or shine, we are here as the produce keeps growing. This auction is a wholesale auction, so please keep that in mind during your visit. All items are sold (times the money), so you're almost never buying just one item at a bid. We start with large lots first and work down to small lots. Some of our growers also have greenhouses on their farms that are open for retail sales, if you're looking for just a couple of select items.

We start the spring auctions with hanging flowers basket, potted flowers, trays of vegetable plants, planters and more. We sell a variety of produce through the summer & fall, lots of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, beans, corn and watermelon. Produce such as squash, mums and lots of pumpkins are available through the fall.  We have buyers from the large city, local stores, apple orchards, festival venders, farm stands, wedding party's, garden centers, pumpkin patches, home canners & decorators to folks that just wants some fresh flowers or produce.

Please check the current year schedule for exact dates.

Year End Report

Please check out our year end report for last 2 years total sales. We also send out a sale by sale market report by email.